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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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Daddy's Home album description:

Very, very, very funny comedy with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. The first depicts a step-dad, very proper, positive and who had always desired to be a dad. And the second is kids’ biological father, who, for some reason, comes to their house for a while. Complete opposite person. Steep, able to be the soul of the company, body-built and beautiful. Two bright antagonists from which all around are mad, including women (from Mark, of course, not from Will).
The music is chosen in this film more under the character of Mark (e.g., Thunderstruck by AC/DC). "Did you just punch me in the face, bro? Oh, yes!.." – you simply can pee yourself from the laughter in this episode. They're both adults, both have quite developed personalities, but the second one is so much more devilishly charming that it is just unbearable. For the first, of course. Viewers will get a hell of a fun (Highway to Hell), and the self-perception of the first, of Will, will fall just below the plinth (Self Esteem). Collection of men-artists dilutes very beautiful Rihanna, who sings in a duo with the artist named T. I.
A lot of quality music – such conclusion can be made after listening to all that sound producers have prepared for us. Not a single bad song – this occurs in musical selections in about 1 time out of 10 soundtracks. High-quality sound for a film that runs on Christmas – 25 of December, 2015. Albeit not all critics saw it, so it possesses not very laudatory odes on the Internet, but this film is from the category of those that have much more jokes included than could fit in the trailer. Even two of them. Go to the cinema on this film with your whole family, if you still have money for entertainment after the premiere of Star Wars a week ago.

October, 31st 2016


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