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Central Intelligence Soundtrack CD. Central Intelligence Soundtrack

Central Intelligence lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 17th 2016

Central Intelligence album description:

Dwayne Rock Johnson plays here at first, fat awkward high schooler, everyone laugh over which, and then he plays the stern CIA agent, which is even steeper than Chuck Norris.

His timid and not aspiring to the adventures forced mate is Kevin Hart. The comedian, who in the last few years seriously added in popularity. His role is to play different losers who are due to circumstances come in the wrong place at the very wrong time. Just like here. It seems that the melody Unbelievable is suitable to describe the timorousness of his feminine masculinity in the best way. Just like to his partner Dwayne is suitable Can I Kick It? with Jump Around. The first – because he knocks on the heads of all bad guys ('Can I Kick It?' – he asks himself and says the answer 'Yes, You can' before distributes hits to the right and to the left). And the second song is because he has a huge amount of energy, which he radiates on screen.

In general, the film is a classic situation comedy, which has some rod, the general idea that holds together the film and its main characters, as well as sets the intrigue. Often energy of scenes (especially action ones) rolls up – about the same as in the song by Spice Girls, who also entered in this collection (Wannabe – their first and one which so loudly shouted of them that fans still love to listen to it, despite the fact that the band separated a long time ago). Its lyrics the same wild as the energy pumping up from its music part. Quite unlike in the style a song made by Puff Daddy, which he sang in duet with Notorious BIG, who has, perhaps, the most complicated lyrics in this soundtrack.

For fans of comedies, where many jokes are based on the difference between the opposing people, this work of 2016 would be pretty funny. However, only till that moment as you meet film Mother's Day.
Reference: "Central Intelligence" profile on IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes

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