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Cars 3 Album Cover

“Cars 3” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2017

“Cars 3” Track List with Lyrics

When you go to the cinema to watch Cars 3, you probably don’t really know what it is going to be about unless you watch a trailer first. It seems logical that the career of the main hero must end but we aren’t sure that the creators of the animation film did the right step saying they will cease the story of the main hero at this point, with the film #3 (why wouldn’t they extend it for 1-2 more films?). There are many things could be told and it is always a bad thing to lose your hero that you’ve been living with for a decade or so. But it is time to grow up and switch to other projects – that’s what creators of this piece probably tell us.
The music is outstanding – the whole bunch of vivid and loud rock songs (bright representatives are ‘Glory Days’ by Andra Day and ‘Ride’ by ZZ Ward) but there is a pop piece – ‘Drive My Car’ by Jorge Blanco – a nice cover on The Beatles that even sounds almost the same cool, only done in the modern way. The cover is very decent and it feels that a person was trying really hard to make a good thing – we consider he succeeded.
Some lyrics are frustrating, for instance, ‘Freeway of Love’ by Lea DeLaria. It contains too many hints on the act of physical copulation – which is not a good thing, as we suppose, for an animated motion picture for all audiences. Though, the overwhelming majority of other songs act as a salvation to this fault.
Some other items don’t contain lyrics. These are pieces by Brad Paisley. Although, you can find them as the instrumental pieces on YouTube here and here. They are rock stuff that has vivid guitar sound and nice invigorating pace.
If you are a lover of nice rock performances, you probably will find the collection of songs in this soundtrack pretty amusing and fitting to your taste. That is why you are obliged to buy the disk with its music.

June, 21st 2017


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