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Bodyguard Album Cover


Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1992

Bodyguard Tracklist

Bodyguard album description:

If to name of the most memorable film about super-romantic love, you almost always get an answer that it is The Bodyguard. With modest, only USD 25 million budget, it had managed to gain 411 million in 1992, which as of today’s money will be over 600! The most remarkable thing that the executor of the main role – Whitney Houston – sang almost every song in this collection! In addition to her, here present only Joe Cocker from the prominent performers amongst songs with lyrics. Alan Silvestri is the only other famous dude here, but he specializes on songs without lyrics, as he is an orchestrator and songwriter, not a singer.
And what is the most beloved song of all times if to name one from the romantic ones? That’s right – ‘I Will Always Love You’: extremely gentle, tremendously lyrical and fascinatingly love-embracing.
Who can tell now for sure: whether a song made the film more famous or counter wise? Despite no one loves Kevin Costner much, his fantastic duet with Whitney Houston was very convincing this time. Her another song I'm Every Woman is also pretty popular and lives in years. Jesus Loves Me is yet another pop song, sang with her inimitable voice, with which, unfortunately we will never hear new songs as Mrs. Houston died in age of 48, having a little will to live, as her life was really far from that fascinating fairytale depicted in a movie.
Generally saying, this soundtrack is amongst the best-selling soundtracks of all time, with over 45 million copies worldwide. If songs could have a data about ‘box office’, as films do, we would know, probably, that ‘I Will Always Love You’ is in top-100 most profitable songs ever been recorded. It was covered only a little less than the USA anthem, we think, and can be performed only with swank voice like Mrs. Houston had.

August, 01st 2016

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