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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

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American Made album description:

From the first trailers to this film you encounter on a stunts-loving actor Tom Cruise that is a star of action movies & does all tricks on his own despising his doublers and Domhnall Gleeson, whom most of you can remember from Order of the Phoenix as Bill Weasley from Harry Potter’s universe.
These guys make the basic duo of the film, with Mr. Cruise playing the active fellow grasping life on its guts demanding adrenaline running in his veins, earning many dollars eventually, and Mr. Gleeson playing a CIA agent that brought Mr. Cruise to work to a work full of adventures in the style of Mr. Cruise. This film is a typical representative of Tom Cruise’s formula (you can read about it in more details here). Looks like he never stops depicting young boys (no more than 30 years old despite the fact he is 55 as of the date of this movie’s premiere).
As for the premiere, it is scheduled yet to come (compared to the date of this overview) but it seems like the movie will be recouped – it already has gained 40+ millions against 80-million budget.
The soundtrack is nothing spectacular: mostly rock songs that have been collected from the performers of old ages. Some of the songs are older than half a century (for instance, ‘I Don't Need You’ by garage band The Troyes that disbanded in 1 year after the release of a song). ‘Black Widow Blues’ by Townes Van Zandt may be named as the only decent piece here worth listening as it has an interesting mixture of genres and a voice of performer making its lyrics the only memorable stuff in the collection. Blue Bayou song has diluted oeuvres of men-performers a little, bringing a charm of bygone days but still, with no good lyrics. Definitely, if you plan to buy this album elsewhere, think twice – the songs here not really worth repeated attention – maybe, to listen to them once & that’s it.

September, 18th 2017


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