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Absolutely Fabulous Soundtrack CD. Absolutely Fabulous Soundtrack

Absolutely Fabulous lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 17th 2016

Absolutely Fabulous album description:

This is a bright movie about unfortunate elderly person, who accidentally kills Kate Moss – a top model! This is a British film (and that is why it is with the same accent, which you don’t always understand, if you are speaking normal English, not British language). It has many French items in its soundtrack, for example, Je t'aime... moi non plus or Le Jeu du Telephone. Mostly, lyrics of all songs here are lightweight and aimed on purposeful living, as the screen hero has. The same, like, for example, Hangin' song. The only one that would somehow possibly be opposed to all the rest is Sexotheque, which follows the mental anguish of the person, who drowns his time in night butterflies and avoids being with his wife. These lyrics are full of meaning.

As for the stars in the collection, they are few: Kylie Minogue and Leonard Cohen. All other names you would probably never hear unless you’d faced this collection. In the voice of Leonard Cohen in the song ‘Bird on a Wire’ indispensably heard the notes from his immortal ‘Halleluiah’. At least, the version that he did, not Jon Bon Jovi or Rufus Wainwright, who popularized this item in Shrek, so everyone went mad from this spiritual creation, is nice.

As for the story – it tells of person in age, who lost the life aim long-long time ago and now tries to fill it somehow. As the plot evolves, the main hero finds out that her the same elderly woman-friend is a former man! Can you imagine? Well, not to lose such anchor, the music producers have added several songs in the collection that point out at the man-woman transgender stuff. You could try to search for those gems at your own.

Will it be funny? If you like humor built only on slackery & age – yes. If you prefer less enigmatic stuff, like Captain America has – well, it is simply not your movie.


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