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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

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There are many spooky movies, but this one is made by Rob Zombie, the master of horrors, as people call him (or he calls himself). He is a scary person himself in both the appearance & the interior of his, a soul. Despite the fact that he is a singer too, in addition to directing job, he hadn’t performed even 1 song in this soundtrack, leaving this to other people. Among them are Kitty Wells with her frightening ‘We Buried Her Beneath the Willows’, The James Gang with ‘Walk Away’ or Bob Marlette with his numerous creations (‘Bathroom Hell’, ‘Death and Sex Fight’, ‘Inside the Cage’, ‘The Show Must Go On’, ‘Wet Kitty’ and others). The most part of oeuvre here doesn’t have lyrics, as they are instrumental or simply the cuts from the film where people talk. But when it comes to Lynyrd Skynyrd with ‘That Smell’, it becomes awfully frightening, because they sing about death and its anticipation. The lyrics of it are literally soaked with these words. They sing as if they hate the object of singing.
31 is the name of a spooky game that is played in this horror movie. The uncut version was included on DVD for those who weren’t satisfied with the censored version that went to a limited release on the end of October. The official data from the theaters reveals that the box office is below the budget, which is pretty disappointing.
The budget was extremely low for a today’s films – only USD 1.5 million. The box office is twice lesser. The film holds generally unfavorable reviews, as there are no fresh ideas in the movie & no particularly likable characters, so you don’t support any of them. The film is forced, not organically evolving & the overall disturbing atmosphere deducts from the film, not invests. Well, generally, if you like troublesome clowns with the axes & insanity – this film is for you.

December, 26th 2016


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