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December, 26th 2016
This is an interesting short and a sad story about love sung by a man’s voice. Despite the fact that the song has the length of 3:16, there is the only couplet with the sad regret about loving – ‘it would be better I’d loved and lost than never had loved at all’. The genre is old romance, before the WAV & MP3 formats & even computers were designed and sound as if it is dated 1910th of 1920ies. The film containing such music must be either about love in the style of Very Old Hollywood or to be horrific, made by Rob Zombie (the one who also worked on The Matrix). We do love this fellow for his oeuvre.

Call It a Day lyrics - Al Bowlly

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Call It a Day Song Lyrics

Call it a day
Completely deceiving
Call it a day
Don’t grieve me, believe it
That someone new would take you
Could make you, forsake me
Call it a day
But never forgetting
After you gone
I’ve never regretting
That it would be better
I’d loved and lost
Than never had loved at all