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8 Mile - 313 Freestyle Lyrics

8 Mile - 313 Freestyle by 8 Mile  

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8 Mile - 313 Freestyle [Rabbit]
Your style is generic
Mines authentic made
I roll like a renegade
You need clinicaid
My technique is bizarre n ill
I scar and kill
You were a star until I served you like a bar and grill
As I proceed to cook and grill ya
That’s all that took to kill ya
You better recognize me like I look familiar
You want to battle
You beat around the bush
Like your scared to lick pussy so you eat around the tush
I need a clown to push
Someone that I can bully
Wait a minute I don’t think you understand fully
See me without a style
Is like mustard without the Hienz’s
I lead the new school
You a BUSTA without the RHYMES
I crush the sh*t out your lines

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