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'Til I Collapse Freestyle Lyrics

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'Til I Collapse Freestyle Lyric

50 Cent, Shady Rec. Eminem, Dr. Dre Lyrics
8 Mile Soundtrack - Movie, 2002
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'Til I Collapse Freestyle It's going down!!


50 Cent, Shady, AfterMath,The Dream Team...

We gotta get the get well cards

Niggaz is sick..feel this...
Motion Picture shyt


Now don't think ima hit yaw couz i'm popular
Got a p-90 rule go to pop with yaw
Getcha slippin ima give u wat i got fa yaw
My clip loaded with 16 shoots fa u
U neva had a Hot gun on ur waist and blood on ur shoe couz a nigga would say the wrong shyt to u
Homie u ain't been through wat i've been through
Ur not like me and i'm not like u

I'm like an animal with it when i spit it itz crazy
Got semi-autos with bullet-holes and they just tryin to play me
One shot of this ain't enough, u need atleast a Uzy to move me
After four bottle of Don a kid start feeling Woozy
I write my life u write what you see in them gangsta movies
I'm gangsta to the core nigga you can't move me
I find my space at the top
i got this rap shyt locked
I neva heard of u, u've heard of me
i murda u
Spit shells to ur convertible
Lowest u notice..richer per Holla
still go through your door this is war
U scared of me ur not prepared for me
The Kid is back
50 Cent i kno u like that ( Yeah i kno u like that)

Green Latin...Shady Rec. ..Anger Management Talk Homie( Homie..homie)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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