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California Song Lyrics

8 Mile Soundtrack - Movie, 2002
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California Chorus:
I'm just ridin and decidin
If i want somebody to hold
No commitment im just dippin
Lay back and hit me cause
California, sweet California
I got the sunset room where we can high and dine in your life

want somebody down witcha, clown witcha, ride around town witcha
in the sun hitcha weed smokin, f**k em take a shower witcha lay down in the bed witcha hard liquor
Wide open
Got me on my back with my thighs wide open
I stay wet i dont need no lotion
meet me in the back of the spot love potion
meet me in the sunshine state west coastin
hit it from the side fly by sex motion
do a drive by, fly by, f**k boastin
Brag on mine we marry i boatin in the sea fishin
beverly hill hoe, beverly hill pigeon
beverly shoppin, beverly mim pickin
beverly hotel, beverly sweet tippin
Compton game got beverly been missin


Niggas wanna hit it from the where (the where)
Spank me and pull my hair (hair)
talk to me like you really care
Actin all queer like you Fred Astaire
You think im stupid dontchu,
You think ima lay down and let you stick me with your meat poker
dont you
Mr swiss (??)
You can come closer, you can come over
You can have a signed autograph of my poster
Drunk or sober,May or october, come right over,rub my shoulders
its a 4 leaf clover, no gun holsters
Get f**ked, wake up with a hangover
fourth quarter nothin left when the game over
wake up all alone,nights get colder
see you the next day, get a cold shoulder


lets get it on, we can be alone, get it on in the freak zone
we can both get it on, when the heats on, look we can both do wrong
its been to long, i grew too strong, i got full blown
i got my own
got me a loan, bought me a home
order mine to go, bought me a low-low
and a 64, sittin on chrome
datin news roll, dipped in all gold
roll with 3 hoes, pick a primo
buy some endo, roll 'fore we smoke
we all do the most, keep niggas close,
keep heat closer, avoid all vultures
navigate in like we supposta
sunshine, sunny state, california


[Thanks to mixxsta@comcast.net for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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