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Sweet Home Alabama (Eminemz Version) Lyrics

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Sweet Home Alabama (Eminemz Version) Lyric

Eminem (B rabbit and Future) Lyrics
8 Mile Soundtrack - Movie, 2002
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Sweet Home Alabama (Eminemz Version) (Mekhi)
Well Jimmy moved in with his mother
Cuz he ain't got no place to go
And now I'm right back in the gutter
With a garbage bag that's full of clothes
Cuz you livin' home in a trailer
What the hell you gonna do?
Yehaw I live at home in a trailer
Mom, I'm comin' home to you

(Mekhi) Break it down

Well my name is Jimmy, his name's Greg Beul.
Me, him and you, we went to the same school.
This ain't cool, I'm in a rage.
He's tappin' my Mom, we're almost the same age.
On the microphone I drop bombs.
Look at this car, thanks alot, Mom.
Here, Happy Birthday Rabbit.
Here's a brand new car you can have it.
A 1928 Delta.
This sh*t wont even get me to the shelter.
And I can't even stand for Mo-Town.
Cuz I'm back in the 8-one-o now.

Cuz I live at home in a trailer
Mom, I'm comin' home to you
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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