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Confession N2 Lyrics

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Confession N2 Lyric

Lucky Stiff Cast Lyrics
Lucky Stiff Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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Confession N2 Rita: Alright. Nobody move.
And nobody say one word about these glasses
I look awful in them, don't I? Shut up!
Now, where is it?
Harry: Where is what?
R: The money, the diamonds. The heart-shaped box
Annabel: Don't give it to her Harry!
R: You have three seconds. One... two...

Luigi: You will please to drop the gun.
Ciao Harry. I thought you might need a little assistance.
H: Thank god! Luigi!
Luigi: Not exactly
H: Huh? Who are you?
Luigi/ Uncle Anthony: I'm your uncle kid I'm Tony Hamdon
I've been keeping an eye on you.
Rita: Jesus Tony! I thought you were dead!
And here you are, in an Arab outfit with and Italian accent.
You look good.
Harry: You're my Uncle?
Annabel: Then who's that?
Uncle Anthony: Luigi Gaudi. A dear old friend who was
killed in my own apartment, in my own bed.
He was staying at my place
H+A+R: At your place.
UA: For the night, knowing him he had a woman
H: Woman
UA: Woman
I came home at five in the morning, he lay there dead
So I held him in my arms
H+A+R: In your arms
UA: In my arms, thinking someone tried to shoot me
R: Scare you
UA: Shoot me. Instead someone murdered my buddy
And laying there battered and bloody
With his last breath
He whispered

I've got to go to Monte Carlo. Tony I'll tell you why
Got the reservations made its all arranged and its all paid
And I was hoping to get laid, and Tony- Acgh!!!

I knew the bullet that killed Luigi was meant for me.
I owed the guy, so I made arrangements for my friend to have
the vacation of his dreams. I made tapes of everything
he wanted to see and do, and then I left it all to you, Harry-
Temporarily, of course. Now look, you've still got Luigi's
Infallible system for roulette, and the rest of the week
all paid in advance, that's not bad, huh kid?
And as for you Rita-

Rita: Ok, ok, I know I killed your best friend-accidentally!
Well you took those diamonds and you ran out on me.
Can't we call it even? We're in Europe, like we planned!
With the money! And we've got the rest of our lives ahead of us!
Yes! I can be forgiving! It's us I'm thinking of!
Think what we could do here
UA: We could start anew here
R: Fancy meeting you here Tony,
Both: My love!
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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