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Rita's Confession Lyrics


Rita's Confession Song Lyrics

Rita: Vinnie, you're my brother.
I'm in a little trouble and I didn't know where else to go
Listen to this obituary I just found in the Atlantic City paper
Vinnie: You're holding it upside-down put on your glasses.
R: Oh! Heh heh... ok 'British shoe salesman inherits 6 million dollars
From casino manager uncle.
V: I don't get it
R: Let me start at the beginning.
I was having an affair
V: an affair?
R: an affair, and my lover's name was Tony
V: Tony?
R: Hamden
He managed my husband's casino, he wore a tux
I went crazy for the guy, which is why
V: which is why...?
R: I embezzled from my husband
V: Not your husband
R: We stole from my husband's casino
Six million bucks!
V: no...
R: and all in rocks!
Six million bucks in diamonds in a heart shaped box
Now I've gotta go to Monte Carlo
I've gotta find this man
He inherited the money
I embezzled from my husband
For my lover, who I accidentally shot
V: What!?!
R: Well I went to Tony's place
V: Tony's place?
R: It was dawn. And I saw a woman leaving
V: woman?
R: Leaving. I knew that my Tony was in there
Well I saw red
And the room was very dark
V: Very dark
R: Very dark and I didn't have my glasses
V: What no glasses?
R: And there in the dark accidentally I shot him dead
They found his will
He left his English nephew my entire six mil.
Now I've got to go to Monte Carlo
I've got to find this man
V: He inherited the money
R: I embezzled from my husband
V: For the guy you accidentally shot at dawn
R: and you've got to go to Monte Carlo
V: Me?
R: Just as fast as you can
V: Why?
R: Cause I accidentally mentioned it was you who took the money
When my husband accidentally found it gone
What could I say?
V: What did you say? What did you say?
R: What could I do?
V: What did you do? What did you do?
R: The money was gone, and Nicky caught on so I blamed it
V: No...
R: On you
I said you lost it gambling... I was desperate.
It just came out of my mouth, you know, spontaneously
And now. Well, I think Nicky has a- a contract on your life
V: I've got to go to Monte Carlo. I've got to find this man
I could end up in the river with a bullet in my liver
Or piano wire wrapped around my neck
R: Check
Both: We've got to go to Monte Carlo just as fast as we can
And find this man

Lucky Stiff Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2003
Rita's Confession Lyrics by Lucky Stiff Cast from Lucky Stiff Soundtrack (2003). Rating: 4.2/5 (26 votes)