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Something Funny's Going On

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Something Funny's Going On Song Lyrics

Lucky Stiff Cast
Lucky Stiff Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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Something Funny's Going On Company:
Something funny's going on
And it isn't very pretty
Women: This is how it all began
Men: With the murder of a man
Company: In Atlantic City, New Jersey

Something funny's going on
There's a lot we haven't told yet
W: There's a fortune M: and a chase
Both: And a lovely foreign place
Woman: Lovely foreign place
M: Lovely, lovely
W: Foreign, foreign place
B: Ahhhhhh
And the body isn't cold yet
In New Jersey

The story that you're about to hear is strange, we know
And things like this don't happen everyday
But there's a little saying and it's apropos
Where there's a will, (where there's a will)
Where there's a will, there's a way


Uncle Anthony:
Dear nephew Harry,
This is my last will and testament.
I hope it finds you in better health then it does me ha ha!

Company: Something funny's going on
There's an awful lot of action
Dominique: and a physical attraction
Annabel: And a lot of dogs


Harry: There's a fortune to be won
Rita: And a woman with a gun
Vinnie: And a body of a man
C: And an axe about to fall
Harry: On one unsuspecting fellow
Company: In the middle of it all
In England, in May
With a day already gone,
Something funny, funny
Very, very funny-
Is going on.
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