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Good to Be Alive Lyrics

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Good to Be Alive Lyric

Lucky Stiff Cast Lyrics
Lucky Stiff Soundtrack - Musical, 2003
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Good to Be Alive Harry: Why am I here? What am I doing?
I'm on a trip with a dead man!
What made me think I could get through this?
Why in the hell did I ever do this?
How in the hell will I ever get by?

O! What's that uncle?
You say your eyesight isn't what it used to be?
Well of course, I'd be happy to describe the sights!

You can see the sun, shining on the sea, Uncle Anthony
What a lovely sea, wouldn't you agree, Uncle Anthony
Here it's very hot so I hope you've got something you can swim in
On the beach we'll lie, gazing at the sky
Uncle you will die! Uh- when you see the women
Everything is French, uncle take a look its all 'tres jolie'
Nothing like you've read, not in any book, Uncle Anthony
It's all so new and thanks to you I doubt that I'll survive
O don't you think it's good to be alive?

Luigi: Caio! Luigi Gaudi, siniores and you are?
H: Oh! Uh- Harry Witherspoon, and my Uncle Anthony.
L: This is your first time to Monte Carlo?
H: Well, yes
L: Fantastic! I will be your guide!
H: Well, actually my Uncle is here for rest you see, and seclusion-
L: Rest? Seclusion? Nonsense! This is Monte Carlo!

Try a little taste. Have a little sip, Uncle Anthony
God you musn't waste such a lovely trip Uncle Anthony
Ladies left and right, don't be so uptight. Have a fling why don't you
Uncle, don't look now, give a little bow, lovely ladies.
Ciao! Come and join us won't you?

Lady on Train1:
Hi I'm How d'ya do (uh huh)
Hi I'm who are you? (uh huh)
L+H: Uncle Anthony
Ladies: Anthony!
We are on a spree (uh huh)
Fun and fancy free (uh huh)
All: Uncle Anthony

Ladies: So now we've met so don't forget to call when y'all arrive
Ladies and Luigi: O Don't you think-
Harry: Yes he does!
All: It's good to be alive

Harry: Who's that woman, that woman over there?
Chewing on her pencil, giving me a glare
Witherspoon, don't stare

Harry (Company echos):
You can see the sun shining on the sea, Uncle Anthony
What a lovely sea, wouldn't you agree, Uncle Anthony
The great champagne, the bracing air
H: The racing train,
Ladies: a millionaire
All: A million things beyond compare to make a party thrive
Oh! Don't you think-
H: Yes I do! Uncle too!
All: It's good to be alive.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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