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The Phone Call Lyrics


The Phone Call Song Lyrics

Airport announcement: Welcome to this airport.
Ground transportation for visitors proceeding to Monte Carlo
Is available on the lower level

Vinnie: Uh, hello? Mary Alice? Can you hear me?
Listen honey, I'm calling to tell you.
There's a problem. Are you sitting?
Well I won't be home for dinner tonight.
You know Nicky, Rita's husband?
Well I think he is planning to kill me
Mary Alice, it's not funny,
And I won't be home for dinner tonight

Don't hold the meatloaf, don't toss the salad.
Don't talk to strangers, and make up some excuse for mom
Call all my patients, break my appointments
Please, Mary Alice just be calm

Are you finished? Are you better?
Mary Alice you're overreacting
Honey Bunny, are you crying?
It's your birthday? Gee, I'm sorry
Mary Alice, it's only a birthday
So you're 40, I'm in danger.
And I can't come home for dinner

Blow out the candles, open the presents
Please Mary Alice,
I'm in Europe, in an airport
With no wallet, no cards and no money
With my sister, who is crazy
And who's got me in an awful jam

So the answer, Mary Alice is I won't be home for dinner
Mary Alice? Mary Alice? Damn!

Lucky Stiff Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2003
The Phone Call Lyrics by Lucky Stiff Cast from Lucky Stiff Soundtrack (2003). Rating: 4.2/5 (28 votes)