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X-Men - Days of Future Past Soundtrack CD. X-Men - Days of Future Past Soundtrack

X-Men - Days of Future Past lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

March, 31st 2017

X-Men - Days of Future Past album description:

This film in a series about X-Men is the most monumental one. There is a huge variety of special effects, brand new X-Men and their antagonists. And also there is a person who manages the time and, contrary to the laws of physics, has sent the Wolverine back in the past on the screen. As we can see, the audience like everything connected with the time travel, especially if consequences of this logically linked together. Except of the original fact that the move back in time is closed in our universe. The exception is perhaps only the individually paired tachyons, but their strange behavior is likely explained by the transition to a state of antimatter than the time travel.
Okay, Hugh Jackman in this film played Wolverine for the last time in his life, as he repeatedly said on his Facebook page. No more we may wait to see him in this franchise. We also thought that Mystique dies in this film, but she declared to participate in the next one, which will be released on screens in 2016. So the stories are intertwined as the producers want. Of course! With a budget of USD 1.02 billion at 7 films, they have collected more than 3 B. Such a lucrative franchise cannot be missed!
Music in the film is very different – both instrumental, and one that is listened every day. And such, about the existence of which you learn only from this soundtrack. Alice Cooper presents an example of a hard and true sounding. It differs from a romantic ballad Stop Au No De L’Amour by Claude Francois. C’est Si Bon is full of passion, and played at very low notes, most of which come from the voice. Star Spangled Banner is an anthem. Majestic and menacing, but at the same time, humane and open. The best-known anthem in the history of Humankind.


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