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Wrinkle in Time  Soundtrack CD. Wrinkle in Time  Soundtrack

Wrinkle in Time lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2018

March, 12th 2018

Wrinkle in Time album description:

This is the second screening of a novel of the same name. The first one was a TV novel also made by Disney based on the 1962-year novel of a writer Madeleine L'Engle. It starred actors you don’t know. This second time turned out the same only kids-oriented film with the main idea that you shall fear not doing something that would seem too heavy for you at the first glance. Beyond that, there are really mesmerizing and breathtaking views of various planets and ‘wrinkles’ that allow actors to go to some distant location instantaneously. Though the name is ‘Wrinkle In Time’, actually, inside the movie, these are wrinkles in space that transport people to other locations without losing much time. A teleportation, if you like. Oprah Winfrey’s appearance in this film may be considered the biggest bright spot.
On the other hand, it is nothing more to be praised for. The plot evolves according to the script, not because of the events-results chain. Some magicians, Light Keepers, are women dressed in fancy dresses and having weird hairstyles for absolutely no reason. Inside the movie, they supposed to fight the great danger that comes closer to them threatening to the entire universe; they instead do nothing and only wait for some confused girl saying she has to overcome this mighty power (which turns out not that mighty at all as it tries to kill kids with a local storm on some planet in the middle of nowhere instead of exploding the planet itself). There are more gaps and holes in the film, but their list is too long to name them all here.
From the music: Sade (strong lyrics in ‘Flower of the Universe’), Sia (strong voice in ‘Magic’), Kehlani (‘Let Me Live’), and Demi Lovato are loud names. The most part of lyrics of the soundtrack says about self-confidence and belief in yourself – which is good only for 6+ kids that make the main audience.

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