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Winter's Bone Soundtrack CD. Winter's Bone Soundtrack

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Winter's Bone lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 0000

Angel Band

Marideth Sisco 

Ballad Of Jessup Dolly / The Wind & Rain

Marideth Sisco 

Bred And Buttered

John Hawkes 

Bury Me Beneath The Willow

Linda Stoffel 

Fair And Tender Ladies

Marideth Sisco 

Farther Along

Marideth Sisco 

Hardscrabble Elegy (Instrumental)

Dickon Hinchliffe 

High On A Mountain

Marideth Sisco 

Honky Tonk Days

White River Music Co. 

In The Palm Of His Hand

Dirt Road Delight 

June Apple

Bo Brown 

Man On The Run

Billy Ward 

Missing You

White River Music Co. 

Missouri Waltz

Marideth Sisco 

On A Hill Lone And Grey

Van Colbert 

Out Of Sight

White River Music Co. 

Sleepy Desert

Lee Ann Sours