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Up for Love Soundtrack CD. Up for Love Soundtrack

Up for Love lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 20th 2016

Up for Love album description:

It is a French comedy saying that a little man on the growth can have a big heart, of the size of the statue of Cheops. It is about the fact that he may not feel too much trouble to meet with a girl, which is higher than he is on his 3 heads. Literally. About the fact that love really knows no bounds. Light veil of mystery and romanticism of Paris – that's the hallmark of all comedies from France. Including this one.
Resaid did not only cover on Freed from Desire by Gala, but also this song was selected as the main theme of the trailer. In English there is no latter in the network, but even in French it is clear that the main characters will pass through all mandatory comedy stages – will be introduced, get to know each other better, will overcome suddenly encountered difficulties and will stay together eventually. All this will be accompanied by excellent music tracks. For example, as bright as by Donna Summer, or a strange and cold as England Skies. The girl-soloist of the last has good lyrics, but her voice is low and cold, and she has not very pleasant appearance. Her band should necessarily change the soloist to succeed, or they will play in a niche of alternative music – home to all sorts of renegades of society. Emilie Gassin did several good compositions, among which Break You as I Go with English lyrics, despite the fact she is a French girl.
The collection gives the impression of lightness, evanescence of life, and in general is very suitable for a romantic comedy, which is not intended to remain in eternity. It is made for your entertainment on one or a maximum 2 times, so you can laugh heartily at jokes about the height in the company of your friends, stocked-up with the popcorn.


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