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Tribes of Palos Verdes Album Cover

Tribes of Palos Verdes Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

Tribes of Palos Verdes Tracklist


Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Lyrics

Easy Easy

King Krule Lyrics


Gustavo Santaolalla Lyrics

Glued to You

Tomorrows Tulips Lyrics

Jim's Theme

Gustavo Santaolalla Lyrics

My Love

Bahamas Lyrics

Only the Ocean

Jack Johnson Lyrics


Braden Miller Lyrics

Teenage Girl

Cherry Glazerr Lyrics

Tribes of Palos Verdes Theme

Gustavo Santaolalla Lyrics

Tribes of Palos Verdes album description:

Unlikely you know any of the musicians performing in this collection: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti or Gustavo Santaolalla or maybe Tomorrows Tulips. They do sing thematic songs like ‘Baby’, ‘Glued to You’ or ‘Only the Ocean’. They all depict the ease and hardness of life when you’re an adolescent, especially heard in ‘Teenage Girl’s lyrics revealing all these little components of a teenage life.
The film starring Jennifer Garner is a drama depicting two intertwined personal dramatic pieces of a family, which just recently moved to LA. At first, they are doing well – looking around, meeting people and discovering new places. But then, a father of a family falls in love with another woman wanting to abandon his pregnant in the first-trimester wife. Then gradually comes into play the second drama – of a girl of the family who’s falling in love with a neighboring boy. They start to hang out together, which is not loved by another girl who’s breathing unevenly towards this boy. Then they all start to fight in words and fists and eventually they have a tight knot that may only be chopped off to be solved.
The film is a little about love but a lot of bad feelings people have. Personally, we condemn a man who decides to leave a pregnant wife. At least, why did he make her pot-bellied if he can’t restrain his recently arisen feelings? They’d have to go a long way together again with this little child or she now has to make an abortion to free from a knot of obligations that at once seem so fragile.
Urban drama with nothing but a gloomy feeling after everything is over. Ordinary people in ordinary place experience strong but still ordinary feelings that must entail consequences. Lyrics of the most part of songs are the same not remarkable thing if to put it frankly.

December, 12th 2017


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