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The Santa Clause Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1994

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The Santa Clause album description:

Convertino Michael, who created the music for this remarkable film, had put a huge effort, skills and all of himself (and perhaps even a little more) to this soundtrack. His first composition – The Bells Of Christmas – so impressive and so shrilly impregnated with the spirit of Christmas, so the mood of one comes immediately. The rest of the music is instrumental in this collection. But it is rather their technical characteristics, than some kind of auditory property. After all, they do not sound less warm and homy. Each of the composition chosen to accompany a particular scene and it sounds organic and complete. For example, Believing Is Seeing or Elves With Attitude. Although these compositions are no better than the others in this collection, they are more shrill or, if it may be said so, monumental.
The film is the first part in a trilogy. Each of them was released by Walt Disney Pictures, with some collaboration with other studios. For the second part, a composer was replaced on George S. Clinton, although it seems that Michael fully coped with the task in the first film. Spending USD 99 million on all three movies, the studio earned UDS 470 million at the box office, once again proving not only the fact that Disney is able well to make films, but also that movies about Christmas and New Year always collect excellent amounts. Think of any movie about this fabulous time of the year – you would call at least one of them as bad or unmemorable? No? This is because the creators of such films are raised too on the understanding that Christmas is something homy, good and warm. And try not to disappoint the huge army of admirers who believe strongly in this charming time and all the best that is associated with it. Enjoy your Christmas holidays!

November, 12th 2016


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