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Strange Magic Album Cover

“Strange Magic” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2015

“Strange Magic” Track List with Lyrics

Someone will say, "Another cartoon tale", but we object: rarely a cartoon would be interesting to watch not only to children. Well, we also may say, that the Pixar studio has long won the hearts of audiences of all ages.
Since this is musical cartoon, there are plenty of songs – from the first minute to the very end. Characters separately please us, especially those that should repel. The main villain – the Swamp King – turned out to be surprisingly creepy and attractive at the same time.
Not very reverent attitude of creators to drawing the background can be considered as the downside, making the cartoon look a little "cheap", but it does not put a cross on it. Besides that, the drawing of acting persons, and the details of their images – clothes, wings, hair, hats, socks and other – looks very natural.
Of course, most of the songs devoted to love, what is said even in the name: Can't Help Falling In Love or Love Is Strange from Kristin Chenoweth, who reminds us even before listening that it's still a pretty sweet story with the inevitable happy ending.
Anyway, songs about feelings don’t sound like wistful ballads. Only one Mistreated by Alan Cumming costs a lot. The creators have tried to make a variety of activities and the presence of the girls with a radically different characters, and a variety of small touching animals of woods and villain who rocks, and plus – very pretty jokes which go every two replicas, albeit with various degrees of success.
This cartoon, as well as the soundtrack to it, is necessary to be watched not only in the company of siblings, but also alone, having a stock of cozy set of something tasty and warm. The tale has undergone with some changes, has become not so cloying, but has not lost its attractiveness.

January, 09th 2017


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