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Snowtime! Soundtrack CD. Snowtime! Soundtrack

Snowtime! lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

Cleo (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

General Luke (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

Growing Up (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 


Celine Dion 

I Am the Wind


It's a Trap (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

Last Battle (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 



Sophie's Gang (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

The Bugle (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

The Fort (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

The Heroes

Simple Plan 

The Kiss (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

The Minis (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

The School (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

The Village (Instrumental)

Eloi Painchaid and Jorane 

You're My Sweater

Walk Off the Earth 

October, 29th 2016

Snowtime! album description:

Small cute animated film, which was released not so long ago, so its music on Amazon haven’t lowered in price yet (for example, almost every composition is 1 dollar & a half, while the recordings of not the first freshness go below $1). The film once again raises such topics as competition, reconciliation, first love, the loss of beloved ones etc. Tell us, how often have you noticed that in almost all nowadays films, the main characters are from single-parent families? Those who have no father, or mother, or maybe even both parents simultaneously. The boy here doesn’t have a father. It is long ago accustomed trick that allows to fill several pauses in the conversation of heroes, developing the plot, and to give movie's lyrics the sad notes & to exhibit the soul of the main protagonist favorably, who grew up as a fine fellow, despite all the obstacles in life. In this regard, nothing new in this film.
Simple Plan has made a very cheerful melody, despite the general melodramatic character of this cartoon. It did not gain a great popularity & has collected a little more than USD 3 million. Is was directed by Jean–François Pouliot, who before the beginning of the work on this, made four low-budget works. The Heroes is among only several songs with lyrics, when all others that were mostly made by Eloi Painchaid & Jorane, are instrumental. Hymn is one of the most majestic songs in this tremendous collection that should be heard by everyone who loves freedom of mind & like very airy songs, like You're My Sweater.
There is a striking contrast between the vocal & instrumental compositions in the collection. The first – very cheerful, positive, charge with a vigor, while the second – morose, sullen & gloomy, they fill with the winter cold & slow lingering notes, as if wolfs howling.
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