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Simple Plan Lyrics

Simple Plan List of Lyrics

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  1. !'D Do Anythin
  2. A.N.I.C.
  3. Addicted (Real)
  4. Addicted By Simple Plan
  5. Addicted(Different)
  6. Alien
  7. American Jesus (Bad Religion Cover)
  8. Any Given Sunday
  9. Anything (Demo)
  10. Bitch
  11. Christmas
  12. Confiesame
  13. Dirtycut
  14. Don't Hurt Me
  15. Dream
  16. Given The Chance
  17. God Must Hate Me (La Buena)
  18. God Must Hate Me Now
  19. Going Under- Evanescence
  20. Haunted
  21. I'D Do Anything (Feat. Mark Hoppus From Blink)
  22. I'D Do Anything (Real)
  23. I'm Just A Kid (Album Version)
  24. Meet You There (Album)
  25. Meet You There (Corrected)
  26. One Slowdance
  27. Perfect (Original)
  28. She Cries
  29. Simple Song
  30. So Cool
  31. Surrender (Cover)
  32. Tell Me
  33. Tourniquet- Evanescence
  34. Won't Be There
  35. Worry
  36. You Mean Anything
  37. American jesus (religion cover)
  38. Baby
  39. Don't worry
  40. I don't wanna think about you- video edit
  41. Just friends
  42. Nothing's gonna stop us now
  43. Sleeping with the lights on
  44. So happy together
  45. Why? why? why? why?
  46. Everything (bonus track)
  47. I'll meet you there
  48. New scooby doo
  49. Perfect (the correct no gramatical erros version)
  50. Perfect no flaws
  51. American jesus (cover)
  52. Drop It Like It's Hot
  53. Hold Hard!
  54. Freak Out (Avril Lavigne Cover)
  55. Falling For You
  56. Gracias (Thank You) Live At Argentina
  57. How Could This Happen To Me
  58. Bonus Track
  59. I Believe In Thing Called Love (The Darkness Cover)
  60. How Can This Happen To Me
  61. Message From Your Heart
  62. When I'm Without You
  63. One By One (bonus Track)
  64. American Jesus (live)
  65. I Dont Have One Yet
  66. Famous For Nothing
  67. Yoyo
  68. Joy To The World [from Target Commercial "get Snappy"]my Christmas List
  69. Shut Up! Spanish Traduction
  70. How Could This To Me
  71. Save Us
  72. A Big Package For You
  73. Hate
  74. American Jesus
  75. Anything
  76. Crash And Burn
  77. Happy Together
  78. I Miss You
  79. Joy To The World
  80. My Christmas List
  81. One By One
  82. Surrender
  83. Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?)
  84. Vacation
  85. What's New Scooby Doo?
  86. Where Is The Love?