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Shaft Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1991

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Shaft album description:

Shaft is depicted by Samuel L. Jackson, who is literally in almost every movie produced by Hollywood recently. Do you know that this guy was in over than 125 movies, in tens of television projects and even has two audio books? The film is now only about the plot, as it often happens, but, first and foremost, about the acting of Mr. Jackson, on the person of which the whole movie is holding. This guy lately used to work with Disney and Marvel – both big corporations, who pay him a lot of money. This was not so fairy-tale movie, as his latest. It is about justice-seeker, spiced atop with nice soundtrack.
In the song collection here, we have Alicia Keys with quite good Rock With You, R&B that sounds more like jam sessions of jazz performers on some jazz fest, as hosted by Ukraine every year. The entire-English songs collection is diluted with band Fulanito, who performed Spanish rap, where their ‘loco por volver’ in lyrics sound like hilarious ‘local bool bool’, which is like something’s boiling. Also Summer Rain is interesting, which is a mild, but unfortunately, unprofessional, interpretation of original lyrics by Carl Thomas. Tough Guy by OutKast is more than impressively fits the main character of the movie.
Shaft has collected over USD 107 million, which is more than double of its budget. Pretty nice for 2000, huh? The production company was Scott Rudin Productions – the same guys who did South Park and originally were engaged in theatrical musicals – this is from where they originated and started.
Besides Samuel L. Jackson, other remarkable participants were Vanessa Williams and Christian Bale. They represent two totally different worlds – the world of poor and rich, accordingly. They fight on the screen, representing these two. But who wins?

July, 29th 2016

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