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Run All Night Soundtrack CD. Run All Night Soundtrack

Run All Night lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

December, 23rd 2016

Run All Night album description:

Despite the fact that here on the site only 5 tracks are represented, they are in additional soundtrack to the film, and 18 more are considered to be the main theme that was written by composer Tom Holkenborg, often seen in the creation of music tracks to other high-quality films.
The plot is quite banal, but the acting of still being in good shape Liam Neeson and already quite wrinkled Ed Harris, best known for films Abyss and Mind Games, these antagonists of the story, makes this very entertaining and intense thriller.
Instrumental music is quite tough, to match the character of the film where the protagonists have only one night to do their jobs – someone wants to kill, but someone wants to prevent it.
Dope performed almost half of the collection of not instrumental melodies to this motion picture, for example, No Way Out or You Spin Me ‘Round. There is even a Christmas composition performed by Bobby Darin. And rap Nasty, which, oddly enough, perfectly coincides with the plot of the film, because the performance of the song at a fairly intense too, as events. Closes the five of soundtrack rather quiet song, played on the piano, blending smoothly into the bagpipe and suddenly becoming even fun at the half, containing profanity, and then returns to the track of peace.
Good selection, but rap unfriends can throw away one song, and the rest will be the music of about the same style. Spend half an hour of your life to ensure the spiritually enriching by this soundtrack.


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