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Revenant Album Cover

“Revenant” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“Revenant” Track List with Lyrics

Revenant is the movie for which Leonardo DiCaprio hopes to receive an Oscar. He made every effort to find the right drama in its intensity of emotions, to play the way it is needed & to make special effects as necessary. Everything is gathered here. But will he receive what he desires? While the film is at the very beginning – its release was 5 days upfront of the New Year, it has grossed only USD 1 million for 10 days (with more than 130 M spent on production). That is, the outlines of a devastating financial failure loomed on the horizon. In the contrast to the mega-blockbuster Star Wars, which raised USD 1.5 billion only in 3 weeks.
However, there is a well-known fact that not always successful in terms of box office movies are the same successful in the number of Academy Awards. In contrast, those topics that are emotionally tense or well-played classics collect a bountiful harvest at the next awarding ceremony. It is about 4 months until the next one, so we'll follow the moods in the air before the opening of the next Red Carpet and the financial success of this motion picture.
The essence of the film is in the opposition of one person at first to the war, then to cold nature, after – to a wild bear, which tormented him, and then – to the man who had buried him alive and killed his young son. In general, the destiny of one person experienced so much pain and suffering that even for a dozen people it would be a lot. It is worth noting that the music of this film consists entirely of instrumental melodies, which are very clearly and strongly emphasize the whole storyline. But for the same reason there is nothing that could be mentioned in this brief description of the soundtrack. Music was written by such little-known composers as Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto. It can be a start of their careers.

October, 31st 2016


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