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Reservoir Dogs Album Cover

Reservoir Dogs

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1992

Reservoir Dogs Tracklist

Reservoir Dogs album description:

Can you tell now that this movie was shot only for 1.2 million dollars? Neither could we, until read it in Wikipedia. Despite the fact of official gross in the box office at only USD 2.8 millions, this data is definitely incorrect, as this was re-published, re-ran in the cinemas for several times and from the box office usually excluded such data as grossing from DVD, Blu-Ray and VHS sells, which had to be huge – in tens of times more than cinema’s box office.
One of the most popular songs in the film is Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede, which also was in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Harry Nilsson did not only unusual lyrics, but also an interesting tranquil clip, where guerillas play on a guitar and men dance dressed-up like cheerleading girls. Freaky and interesting at the same time. The same as this movie, which captivates with fantastic acting, fascinates with tremendous violence and releases with the deaths of main characters.
Do you like something in the middle between pop, rock and country? Then you should definitely listen to Harvest Moon by Bedlam – we have even added this song to our favorites. They have so kind lyrics that it is even questionable why they were selected for such furious film where everybody dies. Maybe, this is a hallmark of Quentin Tarantino, who shot this film in the early years of his tread, 1992. He uses in his brainchildren only the best music, as he did with his The Hateful Eight of 2015. It is not the only peculiarity of this person – he likes to work frequently with several people and for being in his movies, they receive tons of awards of all ranges, like Christoph Waltz did (he played in Inglorious Bastards and Django Unchained).
We hope to hear from Quentin Tarantino soon again, as his movies are delightful, all without exception.

July, 29th 2016

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