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Pitch Perfect 3  Album Cover

Pitch Perfect 3

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

Pitch Perfect 3 Tracklist

Pitch Perfect 3 album description:

‘Whassup, pitches!’ – is the hailing shout of one of these Pitch girls and is the best joke of the film. During it, she is get downed by the Anna Kendrick’s character (the latter says ‘you’ve failed me at all times, you are very unreliable person’, which is true). With her outward appearance and the absence of brains (‘We never do anything with dignity’, she sais to one of their competitors), it is completely not understood how does she manage to live in this world at the first place. Being a fat blond in addition. Only in movies with Anna Kendrick, this can happen, we guess.
As for the songs in the film – expect them in abundance, because this is yet another musical movie (Iggy Azalea with her totally meaningless lyrics of the song ‘Boom Boom’ definitely describes the entire mood of this film – flat jokes, weak story, pointless discussions, Cheap Thrills).
As it is as if a comedy film about women who sing the other people’s songs not surprisingly there are many songs of admirable performers (George Michaell’s ‘Freedom! '90’ or Pink – ‘Get the Party Started’ (the latter is in the lyrics of their ‘Riff Off’ – a potpourri song they engage themselves before the team of really professional singers)). Their team is called The Bellas, which is quite a brave name for a motley team of mostly unpretty and elderly flock of women.
Very surprisingly, the Pitch Perfect 2 had gained the title of the most grossing comedy musical film of all times with over 280 million dollars, surpassing Jack Black’s ‘The School of Rock’. Pity. Well, we hope that the third part will be a blob.
The only lyric that surprises in all this collection is Bomba Estereo’s song – despite somewhat rasping sounds of music, the deep meaning of words included in the song calls respect to Bomba Estereo & make listen to her more thorough.

December, 12th 2017


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