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Perfect Guy Soundtrack CD. Perfect Guy Soundtrack

Perfect Guy lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

November, 18th 2016

Perfect Guy album description:

The film, whose plot is essentially similar to one of the recent films are also on the website – "Boy Next Door, The" with Jennifer Lopez, only with huge difference that this film is certainly interesting. There are more confrontation and active phases, fear, anger, rage and real emotions.
The essence of the film is in the following – some woman meets a man with whom she does not develop, and she accidentally meets another, at first glance, perfect person. With him everything is especial – talking and proximity and butterflies in the stomach. And all the friends just delight him. Until begins active stage when he manifests own essence – a brutal, aggressive, mad and scarily jealous. He is ready to kill everyone in his path, and even his beloved if she will not be with him. Nobody, seemingly, can help her. Trailer encourages watch this movie more than mentioned with J. Lo.
The list of performers here includes no obvious stars at the moment of creation of this description. The most prominent is a Blessing Offor, which, if not yet become popular worldwide, has to be one after some years, with strong personal efforts.
Highly aggressive song Ready For Battle (Remix), is out of the lists’ generally quiet mood. It contributes dissonance sound to the smooth lines, but it is a highlight of the collection, its juice, not a shortcoming.
Mas Que Nada is a charming melody that is executed in the style of jazz. Also you will find rock, dance, pop, rap, and other varieties in the collection. A difference of styles is similar, but the mood is one – quiet and lovely.
Leon Bridges is not professional, but despite his baby clumsiness, he is sweet. Perhaps the singer made this song one among his first, and thus he lacks practice. A composition Lifetime Of Gold is recommended by us as the most high-qualitative here. Listen and enjoy!
Reference: More about this movie on IMDb, Wikipedia, Rotten Tomatoes

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