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Nice Guys Soundtrack CD. Nice Guys Soundtrack

Nice Guys lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 20th 2016

Nice Guys album description:

We wonder how much money spent Kim Basinger to ensure her appearance in this film (even in a secondary role) looked the same seductive in her 62, like in The Marrying Man of 1991 (when she was 37)? There she was, incidentally, playing with her ​​husband Alec Baldwin – handsome fellow, which firmly entrenched as a supporting actor in the minds of all viewers. His few roles as the main hero either were failures or brought very little money (one of the most spectacular The Shadow of 1994 brought in total 8 million on top of the expenditures).
In this film, there is no Alec Baldwin. But here is a macho of Hollywood Russell Crowe and a bit silly, according to plot, Ryan Gosling. They are fated to fall into a wild mess, from which not so simply to get out.
Premiere is planned over a month from now, but to watch it you want already. A scene with the fall of two out of the windows of a high floor into a pool, where one dies a little away from it, and the second survives – is not for faint-hearted – from it is wanted to vomit and to have fun simultaneously. This is a crime drama, where the main winners are on a brink of destruction, sometimes causing convulsions of laughter. Song Papa Was a Rollin' Stone is characteristic for hero of Russell Crowe, and Boogie Oogie Oogie – of Ryan Gosling. For the second Couldn't Get It Right song by Climax Blues Band is also suitable, because according to words of his daughter, he is world's worst detective.
Among the big names of artists of this collection can also be found The Bee Gees, but the people’s choice award for best lyrics do not go to them, but to the singers performed Ain't Got No Home. Why? Because there is a striking contrast of lyrics with the essence and mood of the song. First are suppressant, depressive. The second are bright, cheerful, as if high.


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