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Nerve Soundtrack CD. Nerve Soundtrack

Nerve lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 10th 2016

Nerve album description:

Nerve is another play-or-lose-everything film, when you are accepting something you can’t handle. The film of 2016 contains pretty huge soundtrack of more than two dozens of tunes, and their genres are so diverse: they have hard metal Invertebrate, Indie pop Bassically, dance Bender and so many other genres like R&B, pop, rock, ethno, folk, hip hop and counting.
Thanks to such diversity, the creators have a plentiful material to put a sound in the movie. The trailer’s songs are many, not one and there are no big names except of only one, Roy Orbison, it this collection. There aren’t much lyrical songs, as the major part of them is fast, daring and pretentious, like the film itself. Pity it didn’t gain much profits, but maybe it had not sufficient advertising campaign? At least, outside the US, it was hard to hear anything of this movie upfront its coming-out to cinemas. After a month, when its run ends, many people will found out of this film thanks to this site.
There are some screaming names of the soundtrack like Holy Ghost! or BØRNS. But do they give at least some part of fervent mood like MØ did in their full of young energy lyrics in song Kamikaze? We aren’t sure in that.
Will this film be remarkable to anyone who isn’t young? Maybe not, as there are plenty of moments in the film, where protagonists could exit the game with their lives without much losses, but choose the continue option, which is pretty dumb, as for us.


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