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Nearlyweds Soundtrack CD. Nearlyweds Soundtrack

Nearlyweds lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2012

All I See

Matthew Puckett 

All Over Again

Julie Collings 

Damaged Goods

Rony Corcos 

How It Feels To Be Loved

Superfly: The Architect 

Just Said Yes


Keep Me Posted (Crazy To Be Married)

Lee Anna Culp 

Nearly Romantic

Billy Lincoln 

O' Lordy I Try

The Defibulators 

One Last Kiss

Channel Theory 

Rom Com Rocks

Billy Lincoln 

She's My World

Tommy Fields 

Shine (Better Than I've Ever Done)

Salme Dahlstrom 

Simple Ain't Easy

Christopher Dallman 

The Letter

Billy Lincoln 

You Want Me To Stay

Sofia Talvik