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Natural Born Killers Album Cover

Natural Born Killers Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1994

Natural Born Killers Tracklist

Natural Born Killers album description:

A movie of 1994, where Woody Harrelson is still young and he had a bright future. He did not have to play various scum-backs yet. The same as Juliette Lewis was hot and desirable in every way, not that unstraight and confusing as she is now. Yet another star, Quentin Tarantino, was an author of the story and Robert Downey, Jr. – the most paid actor of 2015 – acted here not knowing that he would become Iron Man and will greatly advertise the Marvel Universe. Tommy Lee Jones, who is 69 (looking much older than he is), is here also. All they haven’t managed to collect tremendous figures in the box office. All they have is slightly above USD 50 million, which is something USD 16 million over the budget. Nice, but not too kewl for such a dream team.
This movie is some kind a trashy. First of all, it doesn’t have normal trailer to admire – only nasty anti-commercial thing. Total opposition to nowadays trailers like The Suicide Squad has, as an example. Second – its soundtrack does not really have loud names in it. There are few: Leonard Cohen, Nine Inch Nails and Dr. Dre. If the main heroes had their personal songs, conveying them in the best ways, they would be Route 666 for Woody Harrelson and Totally Hot for Juliette Lewis. As for the genres – there are many – Rock and Roll, pop, rock, and ever quite guitar performance like You Belong To Me with soft lyrics sang by strange voice of Bob Dylan.
The spirit is everything in this film. Youth, psychopathic insanity and bloodthirsty thrill to kill and to break rules are main driving forces. That is why this piece is of especial adoration of everyone who doesn’t wants to deal with the big world. But very seldom they think how this life way ends – instead of brave lyrics in the songs that minstrels write about you in future, you got shot by the police.

July, 29th 2016

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