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My Little Pony: The Movie Album Cover

“My Little Pony: The Movie” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

“My Little Pony: The Movie” Track List with Lyrics

We Got This Together

I'm the Friend You Need (Instrumental)


Time to Be Awesome

Captain Celaeno

One Small Thing

Princess Skystar

Open Up Your Eyes

Tempest Shadow


Sia Furler

Off to See the World

Lukas Graham

Thank You for Being a Friend

Rachel Platten

Can You Feel It


I'll Chase the Sky

Jessie James Decker

No Better Feelin'


I'll Be Around

Palmer Reed


Lukas Nelson

It’s a movie for the smallest children and lovers of My Little Pony animated picture. This film has collected an ensemble of actors, mostly women, who have dreamful voices (but spend them on the movies for children like these): Kristin Chenoweth (famous actor of musicals and she is a great star of ‘Wicked’, depicting Glinda the Good Witch), here she plays the main part – Princess Skystar; Zoe Saldana whom you definitely know from Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Trek, here plays Captain Celaeno; and Emily Blunt that used to play tough stuff (like the one with Tom Cruise when the guy constantly resurrected on a war). From the guys here are Liev Schreiber (Storm King) and Michael Peña (Grubber). And this is all in addition to Sia (with her ‘Rainbow’) who adds professional pieces. The most part of all lyrics presented in songs of the entire collection is about friendship (‘I'm the Friend You Need’, ‘We Got This Together’), be tough when circumstances require and to demonstrate your powers (‘Time to Be Awesome’) to achieve something. In addition to Sia with lyrics of her usual style, you can find in the soundtrack such powerful entertainers as DNCE and Rachel Platten (who has become famous due to her widespread ‘Fight Song’ that scored over 300 million views on YouTube and is widely used now as a fight anthem for lots of people).
The short plot is as follows: there is a kingdom of flying ponies that somehow have enough resources to live and everything is so very wonderful in their land despite no one actually works. They are attacked by some evil pony with dark skin that demands their surrendering. When a bunch of leaders is expelled, they plan to return and fight. They overwhelm in the final scenes – who would doubt. It is also shown as a feeling of friendship evolves during a plotline.

September, 18th 2017


'My Little Pony': Official Movie Site, IMDb Profile

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