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Mother's Day Album Cover

Mother's Day

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

Mother's Day Tracklist


Meghan Trainor


Ed Sheeran

Winter Coat

Lucy Walsh

Back To Dixie

Jimmy Bo

You Belong To Me

Bryan Adams

Steal My Sunshine



Sophia Joelle

Taps (Orchestrated)

Daniel Butterfield

Mother's Day

Michelle Raitzin

Doin' It (All For My Baby)

Jennifer Garner

Summer Romance

Jordan Kayne

Make It Red


Safe In The Wild


Fish Out Of Water

Leo Soul

Happy Mother's Day

Samantha Schultz

Right Through You

Madison Bray

Just Play The Music

Lauryn Vyce

Be Bop

Dan Dee

This Ain't As Easy As It Seems

Pilot Hill


Joseph Leo Bwarie

Corelli Concerto In D

Daniele Luppi


Scott Marshall



The Humpty Dance

Jason Sudeikis And Heavy Young Heathens

Momma Knows Best

Lucy Levinsohn

Wedding March For Guitar

Leon Karlsson

Prelude In G For Guitar

Leon Karlsson

Day Fresh

Ruben Ayala

Play Nice

Daniel Holter

Old Macdonald Had A Farm

Joseph Leo Bwarie

Mother's Day album description:

First of all, this is a light comedy with lots of drama moments and very direct storyline, which is often diluted with Jason Sudeikis’ comedian part. Why do often men react on such a simple thing like tampons so awkwardly? Like Jason Sudeikis did (he actually sings here one of the songs). And why so hard things like being adopted is treated so light-minded here? Everything is confused just to make another airy and forgettable thing like Mother’s Day. Hey, did you know that there are two other films with this name exist and they are horrors? And one is the remake of another? So, now you know.
What other things gives us this film? Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and Héctor Elizondo as the most experienced fellow in the life of one of heroines. Beautiful ensemble of actors, which allowed 25 millions of budget spent mostly on their fees.
Besides the airiness of the plot, the soundtrack includes the same light-headed music. Most part is pop and light rock like Mom by Meghan Trainor or very touching Photograph by Ed Sheeran. Pleasantly surprises Bryan Adams, whose ardent lyrics in this collection in his You Belong To Me are sudden and a little rock out of the common style of the movie. But what is more pleasant in terms of lyrics is a song M-O-T-H-E-R, where every letter is interpreted in its own way. Of course, with love to mother. Thus, if you decide to watch this little movie (which is definitely forgettable in several days), tune yourself onto the wave of pleasant relaxation and grab a couple of your friends to watch to this motion picture together after a nice lunch – in this way sensations will be best of all.

October, 17th 2016


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