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Meet the Blacks Soundtrack CD. Meet the Blacks Soundtrack

Meet the Blacks lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 22nd 2016

Meet the Blacks album description:

A comedy with black humor, which operates with color and style of life of Afro-American protagonists, who recently moved to the prestigious Beverly Hills. Here you can meet such unexpected things like hairy Mike Tyson. Did you know that Eddie Murphy has an older brother? His name is Charlie Murphy, he is 56 years old and he starred in this film, playing a brutal character. To be honest, he looks like a parody of his more famous bro, and in this film it is easy to confuse him with made-up as black Danny Trejo.

The movie comes out in theaters April 1, so there is no data about the box office. The story says, in addition to the comedy part, that wherever you went, you take yourself and your habits with you that do not just put you aside of the crowd of people living there, but also allow to take up arms against you, if you do not fit into the accepted frameworks of their behavior. Do you know proverb "Do in Rome as the Romans do"? In fact, this excuse is for those who do not want changes to come. Each quite an ambitious person changes the environment in which s(he) resides or works. This philosophical concept in accessible to a wide audience form displayed in that movie.

The collection to this film includes all entirely rap songs, which most outstanding representatives are Lecrae with his The Fever and Shaggy. One of the singers by his pseudonym is similar to Bob Marley – Fool Boy Marley. However, the level of his work and lyrics is 10 orders below named eminent singer. We can say with confidence that the collection is made to underscore parody style of life of the protagonists and made stylistically in one direction – rap. Going Down lowers the mood because of its sullenness of lyrics and music.

To say that this movie is interesting to see on the big screen? No. Better grab a DVD for home viewing.

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