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Masterminds Soundtrack CD. Masterminds Soundtrack

Masterminds lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 07th 2016

Masterminds album description:

If only you love stupid jokes, which are forgotten at once they landed, you should watch this film. It has collected a little over 6 million dollars at the premiere weekend, though the bosses planned to get at least USD 10 M. This makes the expectations at its financial success not so shiny as the film’s producers wanted but it should cover its budget, as it isn’t supposed to be big.
The film follows the real events lying under a plot pretty in-line, sticking to them as close as possible. What they did extra is coloring the main character with additional stupidity in order to make people believe in his inner triggers to rob the bank’s vault, being recorded on the cameras & thus, very easily traceable. Even his departure in Mexico didn’t help him to be eventually tied up by the feds, along with all his associates & other collaborates (in the real life, in total 24 persons were sentenced to various terms in prison, but some of them were on probation).
As for the music, it has no loud names, except Enya – she was underlining the most romantic moment of the film when a protagonist had a great time with his spouse (she becomes an ex as the plot evolves). The most part is a rock in several its manifestations (I Fought The Law is the most vivid piece, done by The Clash). The lyrics of I Just Want To Celebrate are so easy and unpretentious that allow you to love them from the first glance. Don't Pull Your Love is interesting too, but its lyric is obviously cry-babying thing – only for lovers of snots & tears of an adult man.
This Is How We Do It is extremely consonant with the oeuvre of Backstreet Boys in the tempo, style & even the music itself, despite the fact that this is not pop. Still, lightness & airiness is always a great thing for the mood, which can provide this film & its soundtrack even for a day.


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