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Martian Album Cover

“Martian” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

“Martian” Track List with Lyrics

Mars (Instrumental)

composed by Harry Gregson-Williams

Emergency Launch (Instrumental)

Making Water (Instrumental)

Spotting Movement (Instrumental)

Science the S*** Out of This (Instrumental)

Messages from Hermes (Instrumental)

Sprouting Potatoes (Instrumental)

Watney's Alive! (Instrumental)

Pathfinder (Instrumental)

Hexadecimals (Instrumental)

Crossing Mars (Instrumental)

Reap & Sow (Instrumental)

Crops Are Dead (Instrumental)

Work The Problem (Instrumental)

See You In A Few (Instrumental)

Build a Bomb (Instrumental)

I Got Him! (Instrumental)

Caprica (Instrumental)

All Along The Watchtower

Jimi Hendrix

Turn the Beat Around

Vicki Sue Robinson

Hot Stuff

Donna Summer

Rock the Boat

The Hues Corporation

Don't Leave Me This Way

Thelma Houston


David Bowie



Love Train

The O'Jays

I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor

The Martian Score Suite (Instrumental)

Harry Gregson-Williams

Anyone speaks about this film, even lazy ones. This motion picture promises to become not only a remarkable motion picture, but also the one with the biggest cash boxes in the history of cinema ever. During just the opening weekend, it had already collected USD 100 million. While production costs amounted to only USD 108 million. That is, in just 2 days, we can say that it is almost fully paid off – this is an incredible leap for science fiction movie. And there appears to be much less technical, physical and philosophical blunders than Interstellar had, which is just stuffed with them to the eyeballs.
As for the music, here are 28 songs, from which only nine are non-instrumental. Most are of the disco genre, despite the existence of other directions such as pop, rock and glam rock. Songs by David Bowie are beloved by music producers of films because of their little strangeness and otherworldly sound. Here he also presented with the song named Starman. Space theme continues with the song I Will Survive, which, as it turned out, has words "And now you're back from outer space", as if hinting by chance at the denouement of the film (spoiler or not? We have not seen movie yet, but expect the happy ending. Why don’t we?).
Jimi Hendrix presented a good rock in a collection. Somehow, this artist is not very popular in soundtracks, and we do not know why. He has an amazing voice, his music is very much alive, and free of some idiotic frames. He feels every note that is born as his child. In general, a very distinctive singer, whose soundtracks we have heard only once or twice on this site.
Song Waterloo has one of the best sounds in the collection due to the presence of very good alloy of voices and music, the main theme of which defined by a gorgeous piano party. This soundtrack is worthy to be in your collection. Not to say that it is “must have”, but very strong in quality.

November, 18th 2016


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