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Maleficent Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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Maleficent album description:

Very nice movie where the main star is Angelina Jolie. She has a delightful devilish look, charming smile of all 32 teeth (and the impression that she has forty of them), and very skillful use of her appearance – both angelic and diabolical. She turned out to recreate the most convincing Maleficent (a character who is clearly more than 200 years at the moment, according to the tales and legends) of all times. The male part of the audience pulled their second halves to this movie in theaters because of the presence of Angie in the film. The female audience could only wonder and to agree, because all the same, it is a date. The fact that she has played very convincing, calls no doubt – with a budget of USD 180 million, the film grossed staggering $ 758 million. The most impressive scene where Maleficent soars with her wings (with instrumental music named Maleficent Flies) is very exciting and spectacular!
Lana Del Rey made the title track, which we hear in the trailer, and in the film. As for us, it is too tranquil, but it's a matter of taste. Others, instrumental compositions, are formidable and calm. The Army Dances, The Spindle's Power – these are vivid examples of what you can create if you approach to the music with love and great sense of responsibility for the display of Maleficent not just devilish, but humane, with all inherent emotions. The compositions should also reflect her inner world and deliver the monumentality to the tale unfolding before our eyes. Lots of special effects, many beautiful scenes, full of gloomy grandeur. With the spirit of doom, decadence and at the same time – the heyday of the empire’s best days.
James Newton Howard, who wrote music for the film, is a man without whom we do not imagine Hollywood. He made so many soundtracks so he must have a monument!

April, 05th 2017


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