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Mad Max: Fury Road Album Cover

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Track List with Lyrics

This film's official soundtrack consists entirely of instrumental tracks. This is a good choice of producers, as a post-apocalyptic film is not much required other audio embodiments. Hopelessness of all that is happening on the screen, a mixture of beautifully hateful elements perfectly crowned with Giuseppe Verdi, the Italian genius with a ridiculous outward appearance. As to the rest of the music included in the official soundtrack made by Tom Holkenborg, the most impressive is the opening theme of the film named Survive. Horrifying and powerful as the future world that has lost all its resources, is the background of the unfolding events on the screen. Escape goes as a supportive theme to the named music, actively uses such elements of sounds like metal rattle or drum tocsin. Generally speaking, all music of the film is well made and have their beginning, development, the main part and a spectacular final. They are all very formidable, full-bodied, in contrast to the Earth of the future that is dry and lifeless. Beautiful Blood Bag is a confirmation of this statement.
26 basic and 4 additional compositions create an oppressive environment that is ideal for Mad Max: Fury Road movie, but, if being auditioned as a separate collection, they make you believe in the hopelessness and decay of all things.
The collection is only good for people with a strong mentality who do not go around killing everybody after listening to all gloomy 26 instrumental tracks. Best of all, watch something life-affirming and colorfully-illiterate after listening, for example, Teen Beach Movie 2.

December, 10th 2016


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