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I Love This Lyrics - Danger Twins

Soundtrack: Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp

Song Lyrics

I Love This Song Lyrics

When the feeling hits me
It's like electricity
Come on let's take it to the streets
Give me that energy
Let's make it happen, make it happen
Let's get it cracking, get it cracking
With a new thing, with a twist
You're gonna say, you're gonna say
Ooh I love this
Ah ah la la la
Ah ah la la la.
Ooh I love this
Give me more, more, more.
Ooh I love this
I love this

Can't help it, I just got a habit
It's like all I think about
I'm going crazy I'm obsessing
I want it, want it, want it right now
Right now
So start clapping, start clapping
Are you here?
Cause when we go it's automatic
With a new thing, this is it

You're gonna say, you're gonna say
I love this
Ah ah la la la
Ah ah la la la
Ooh I love this
Give me more, more, more
Ooh I love this

April, 29th 2024

Song Facts:

  • Genre: Pop, Indie Rock

  • Lyricist and Composer: Danger Twins

  • Soundtrack: Featured in "Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp"

Artist Info:

Danger Twins are playing a blend of popular, rock, and electronic-infused, and energetic tunes. A celebrated duo, most often in production and doing vocals, together they gain a well-earned reputation, crafting good-natured and catchy beat-driven tracks, many being used in commercials, film soundtracks, and television shows. Their music sends messages of fun, empowerment, and positive vibes that make their music a favorite among the lot looking for peppy and motivational numbers. What sets this unique sound of Danger Twins apart is their use of rhythmic beats, catchy lyrics, and an overall feel-good vibe that just rolls out from their performances.

Annotations and Meaning:

"I Love This" by the Danger Twins is a celebratory number, all awash with a lively feel and an explosion of happiness, perfectly balanced for listeners to feel alive and on fire. As the lyrics go, "When the feeling hits me / It's like electricity," it is not hard to guess that the basic underlying theme is that of feelings that are as much thrilling as they are catching. Drawing a parallel with electricity suggests an overwhelming feeling of gladness and excitement that can hardly be checked.
Its chorus, "Otr I love it / Give me more, more, more," shouts an insatiable craving for these moments of joy, suggesting much more than them being a temporary pleasure but rather a very deep appreciation of the experiences that make life thrilling. By using the words "more, more, more," the author proves an intense craving for sustained happiness and at the same time a desire to sustain this high energy.
Moreover, phrases like "Let's make it happen, make it happen / Let's get it cracking, get it cracking," use informal words full of energy to somehow increase activity and participation, hence the song's community and involvement feeling. One such song is "Time of Your Life." The song amplifies the ultimate cheer to go out and seek the stuff that makes life worth living, reinforcing the theme to seize opportunities at full-throttle enthusiasm and vigor.

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