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November, 22nd 2015
A Sentimental Man by Joel Grey with length 1:15 executed by a perfect high male voice, a little sad, as is evident from its name. Despite the fact that it is very short, it has time to conquer the audience, and it is possible to listen to it when you are sad – it reinforces these emotions in many times.

A Sentimental Man lyrics - Joel Grey

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A Sentimental Man Song Lyrics

I am a sentimental man
Who always longed to be a father
That's why I do the best I can
To treat each citizen of Oz as a son -
Or daughter
So Elphaba, I'd like to raise you high
'Cuz I think everyone deserves
The chance to fly
And helping you with your ascent al-
Lows me to feel so parental
For I am a sentimental man