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Shake It (Like a White Girl) lyrics - Jesse Jaymes

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Shake It (Like a White Girl) Song Lyrics

(Where da white women at?)
(Aww man)
Girls, well theyre hard to find
But I saw this girl who was one of a kind
A white girl, who blew my mind
She looked good up front, but better from behind
Had a real nice body, she might have been snotty
But so what, the chick was a hottie
I cleared my throat and I went up to get her
Cause she had the look I wanna know better
She was wigglin gigglin shakin jigglin
Movin groovin dancin minglin
I said how ya doin, by any chance, can I have the honor of the next dance?
She said oh yes, swing me to death, wont get on da floor and rock me Jess!
I did a stutter step like Earl the Pearl
But I couldnt keep up (why?)
Cause she shook it like a white girl
(awww, man)
I was on a date but yo hold up, wait!
I saw this blonde who was lookin great
I wanted to dis my girl and forget her
Cause this freak looked ten times better
Her body was great her legs was fantastic
But when she danced she moved like a spastic
I didnt care cause I was in love
When my date tracked me down and pulled me outta the club
My chick was freakin wouldnt let me speak and
I plead my case and said I was only peekin
Come on honey, I wasnt bein a flirt
And beside a couple looks aint never hurt
But she yelled keep quiet dont even try it!
I told her I love her but nah, she didnt buy it
So I ran back to see the blonde with the curls
She was way off beat but, she shook it like a white girl
Shake it lady
Move that body
Work it baby
Shake it on down
In my high school classes I shoulda worn glasses
Cause this girl was makin passes
Not cause she wanted help on a test
But obviously, she wanted Jess
Her name was Rita, a fly cheerleader
I never seen a girl lookin any sweeter
I asked her out, and she said okay
So I took her to a party, around the way
The party was pumpin her gear was thumpin
Showin of her stomach and her bellybutton
She asked me to dance and I said for sure
Next thing you know we was on the dance floor
Should have seen my baby shake it like crazy
Movin her hips like the bionic lady
On the dance floor she rocked my world
Cause Rita knew how, to shake it like a white girl
It was Prom night, and I was hip to the scene
Cause I took the high school homecoming queen
Picked her up in a white limousine
And pulled up to the joint around 11:15
My date was fly, cute but when I
Asked her to dance she said she was shy
She told me shes not the dancin type
And shed rather just sit around and talk all night
Well I grabbed her had, and said aww man,
We gotta groove cause this heres the jam
Everyones dancing we got no excuse
And besides, I wanna see you get loose
We started to sway and it was okay
But lets just say she got carried away
She got up on the speakers, did a nasty twirl
She had no rhythm but, she shook it like a white girl!

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