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Wheeler Bryson Lyrics


Tribe Lyrics

Tribe Song Lyrics

That’s no matter
Where you are these days
Just no limits
Yes, you’ll find out
And we’re all
Caught in the same old trap

We eat and we live
We love and we die
Trying to find the fairness now
Just one time

March, 13th 2017
There are a few lines only available but in this country song, Stephen Dorff (who is depicting Wheeler Bryson) is singing about feeling of being captivated in the old trap – he is in it and all people around (we think he meant to name on ‘old trap’ the entire town that they are living in, in the film). He tells that they do all the same day from the day: eating, loving, living, and dying. He doesn’t want that – he thinks this town is eerie and wants to do something about it. He tells that he is going to find some fairness at least once in his life. The song is over before we have a chance to hear what his chosen path is.


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