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Brother (Last Ride)

Lord Huron Lyrics


Brother (Last Ride) Lyrics

Brother (Last Ride) Song Lyrics

How long have I known you, brother
Hundreds of lives, thousands of years
How many miles have we wandered
Under the sky, chasing our fear

Some kind of trouble is coming
We don't know when and we don't know what
I will stand by you, brother
'Til the daylight comes or I'm dead and gone

I've shared my life with you, brother
Since I recall, you've been my friend
You say we're not like the others
Still we must die, all things must end

I know we can't stop what's coming
But I will try, oh how I'll try!
Will you fight with me, brother
One last time on one last right?

Don't turn away, don't tell me that we're not the same
We face the fire together, brothers 'til the end
Don't run away, our time will come but not today
I stand beside you, brother, with you 'til the end

November, 29th 2016
By genre, it is more like a pop indie ballad, than the country, which is this melody. Chic voice and some shock-wind instrument that sounds continuously in the background, makes a sound so different from its genre, so it actually goes beyond it. Nice performance and music that awfully relaxes. And even the coffee does not help to cope with this bliss. It is so enveloping that no means are panacea against it – just listen to it from beginning to end and switch to something active.


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