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Look At Me Now lyrics

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Look At Me Now Song Lyrics

They can shove it.
Rise above it.
My solution:
Time to covet
Love it before it's too late.
Who's that?
That's Kate!
I was born in a ditch in West Virginia
Ran away from home at ten
Crawled right out of that ditch
And holy cow
Just take a look at me now
I've been learning a trade
I've slung the hash
For more than just a couple men
I've been pillowed and paid
For "Wah-Wah-Wow"
But won't you look at me now!
Look at me now
Taking a bow
I've been to Hell and back
Look at me now
Happy and how
I met a swell named Mr. Black.
Sorry, Kate, I had to pay for the hack.
Welcome back.
Are you all right?
Me? Give me a bottle of bourbon and half a chicken
And I'll conquer the world!
I got life in me yet
So let me tell you
The south is gonna rise again
When you start in a ditch
You quickly learn to plow
So, darling, darling, darlings,
Take a damn good look -
Look at me now!