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Everybody Dies! lyrics

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Everybody Dies! Song Lyrics

She pegged me for a fool
Now she’s left me behind
How could I not see it coming?
How could I be so blind?
They all call me a freak
Well this freak just got screwed
So it’s time to adopt a more
Monstrous attitude
Right here right now, surprise
Everybody dies
Don’t wanna hear no wimpy alibis
The freak is gonna get the good guys
Tromaville has met its demise
Cause everybody dies
Everyone alive qualifies
I kill ministers and priests and rabbis
I aint gonna win the nobel peace prize
Everybody dies
Everybody dies
Everyone alive qualifies
Judy, what should we do for our one month anniversary?
Oh, Nicky. Let’s go see a musical.
A wonderful musical based on a movie most people watched when they were stoned.
This family’s wearing no disguise
I wanna see the fear in your eyes
It’s time to say your final goodbyes
Cause everybody…leave
I said leave
[Thanks to Henrique Takimoto Jasa for lyrics]